Agrosunrise is a young company, that supplies agricultural products all over the world.

We grow and develop confidently, by assuring all our deliveries to be stable.

Guaranteed quality of our products is our priority, that’s why the companies of all over the world, including the largest transnational corporations, choose us.

Principles and mission

Our major principles of doing business are:


We form a stable and continuous chain from producer to processor to ensure mutual rapid growth of all participants.


Every day we work on the quality of our products and service chains.
We are trusted by our partners and investors, and we value that trust and always live up to their expectations.


We constantly monitor the changing trends and standards of the agricultural market.
We respond to all changes in the world market, and adapt to new rules and challenges.

Satisfied clients are the key to our company’s success. Our mission is to supply our customers with the highest quality products at the best price. Our purpose is to form the chain from the manufacturer to processor, which would be stable and uninterrupted. We’re doing this to provide every participant of the chain with quick growth. We have our finger on the pulse and follow the constantly changing trends and standards of agricultural trade. Agricultural sector is definitely the most important business area everytime and everywhere. Our company is a part of this complicated, but very important process.

Our partners and investors trust us, we appreciate that and always justify their confidence. We improve every day our goods and services, react fast to all the changes at the world market, adapt to every new rule and challenge.



Purchasing of sunflower oil, feed and food wheat, barley, peas, corn, rapeseed, etc directly from the manufacturer


We provide preservation of grain without losses and decrease in quality


Any deliveries depending on the wishes and needs of the customer


Selling at world markets

Agrosunrise has a finger on pulse and follows the constantly changing trends and standards of agricultural trade, assuring the best service for clients all over the world. Agrosunrise provide the next services: 

  • purchasing of sunflower oil, feed and food wheat, barley, peas, corn, rapeseed, etc directly from the manufacturer
  • logistics
  • storage
  • selling at world markets
Sunflower Oil

Delivery terms

Logistics is what we care about. Depending on of our clients needs and wants, we make any supplies according to the Incoterms rules. The most demanding among our clients are DAP, DAT (DPU), FAS.

Partner’s searching or collaboration

We have a wide range of manufacturers and providers. But, in spite of this fact, we’re searching all the time for new manufacturers of agricultural products and processing factories. We would be pleased with the new acquaintances and reliable partners in future.